Feb 2nd 2018

    The Honorable Devin Nunes

    Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

    United States Capitol

    Washington, DC 20515


    Dear Mr. Chairman

    You know what would be a cool idea for a tv show: a house representative that also solves crimes. He’d be the coolest guy in town and his wife wouldn’t make him go to bed at 8:45PM (not asleep just no lights or computer games). His wife would say to him “Devin you can go to bed whenever you want and also I don’t think it’s weird that you sleep in a full suit.”


    People would cheer him wherever he went- even that punk kid Jason that works at the CVS. This crime fighting congressman would never get called “Rash guy” or “guy with weird rash” by any CVS employees.


    His nemesis would be this guy named Mitch who is a mean spirited bully that pees in people’s congress-lockers and says stuff like “hey rash boy, your locker smells like piss.” (he says this stuff to other people, not crime fighting congressman).


    If you know anyone at a tv network that wants to make the show please email me ss3Goku@congress.com